Small Homes, Big Hearts

Small Homes, Big Hearts

We’ve all had to confront the clutter in our lives at some point. This might mean a myriad of different things for different people, while some take the traditional route and go all out on a cleaning bender, some may prefer something simple like sorting through old photo albums. De-cluttering is de-stressing and don’t we know it! and while we spend our days clearing out our junk folders. Some find serenity in simplistic living.

Downsizing your living space is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the western world. The Tiny House concept is a newly found movement that is resonating with many travel enthusiasts, minimalists and even young families. Living in a tiny house is probably something we should all try at least once. The concept is inspiring and creating a new way of living sustainably.

If you’re asking exactly how small are we talking? Anywhere between 400 to 1000 Square foot is a standard tiny home. Although some brave souls have built houses in under 100 square feet! Now that is a challenge. Tiny houses are aesthetically pleasing as they are generally tailor-made to the individual’s ideas. Their cuteness is just through the roof and sometimes even is the roof. However, while aesthetic and style is one aspect to consider, many find comfort in the idea of simply living off the grid. These pocket-sized homes are perfect for reducing your carbon footprint especially with the solar panels installed. Since consumption levels are lower these homes work out to be much more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Tiny houses are a small-scale rebellion against the army of excess. There is merit in living simple and mindful lives. Cutting out surplus negativity and cutting down cost-effectively is both the achieved during this incredible transition. Mobility and self-sufficiency is another benefit of going tiny. Tiny homes are flexible and mobile which is convenient and also exciting. These pocket-homes can be parked at picturesque locations all around the country and are exempted from the hassle of mortgages.

Not all tiny houses are inhabited by families as their permanent space. The charm of a tiny house can be incorporated as an extension of the current living space. They serve as multi-functional spaces especially for studios, additional space for guests or even playhouses for children.

The creativity is endless and there are versatile ways in which you can customize your pocket size dwelling to match your ideal version of a home. A popular channel called: Living Big in a Tiny House has a plethora of interesting and informative content on tiny houses. Even Architectural Digest on YouTube has shown interest in the growing concept.

A tiny space offers profound freedom as many people seize to embrace the philosophy of living a bigger life in a smaller home. In many parts of New Zealand, Australia and even the United States are seeing a hike in tiny living spaces sprouting across the country. While there are some legal difficulties and zoning laws, the upside is clearer skies, surreal views and delicious sunsets to gaze into.

Our beautiful island is home to many marvellous little creatures and exuberant little cultures; would the tiny house movement gain popularity in Sri Lanka? Only time will tell. However, rising every morning to the sound of waves crashing and the sun gently awakening, would be a dream come true.

By Ruqaiyah Jafferfee