The Cranberry Craze

The Cranberry Craze

Cranberries have been known all around the world for its ability to incarnate a rainbow during Thanksgiving season. Their phenomenal quality has been admired by all citizens, despite age and gender. A few weeks prior to Thanksgiving,cranberry cultivators are diligently at work on the annual harvest to ensure that your feast is complete – it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without cranberry condiment oozing out of that dessert. Even though cranberries were most traditionally desired during the season of thanksgiving, it is now been devoured in processed forms across the entire world. 

Exploring the Benefits of Cranberries 

Cranberries are not only famous for their deliciously textured flavors, but also for the plethora of health benefits they offer. Cranberries rank right up there with blueberries as far as flourishing fruits go, with great levels of antioxidant powers. 

Cranberries were found to play the role of a savior, when it comes to the treatment of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). The high level of proanthocyanidins (PACs) in cranberries aids in diminishing the adherence of some bacteria to the urinary tract walls whilst battling off infections (Arnason, 2019). 

Cranberries may also have a part in minimizing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease (the polyphenols hinder platelet growth and decreases blood pressure by their anti-inflammatory methods), hence lessening the risk of arteries being hardened. For example, a 2019 methodical analysis noticed that adding cranberries in the diet can help you control various risk components for CVD. 

The magic of cranberries doesn’t end there. Research has also found that these nutritious superheroes are helpful in slowing tumor development and have revealed positive results against liver, prostrate, colon, ovarian, and breast cancers. 

Celebrating the Beloved Cranberry!

Cranberries are massive business in many parts of the States, which makes them a big reason for merrymaking. The Warren’s Cranberry Festival, The Wiscosin Cranberry Festival and The Stone Lake Cranberry Festival, are amongst the world’s biggest cranberry festivals, which are celebrated annually for three consecutive days. Contests include cranberry marsh tours, arts and crafts, antique and flea market, farmers market, food booths, pancake breakfast, a recipe contest, biggest berry game and a gargantuan parade. The sole purpose of this festive experience is to encourage good wellness and common welfare, and toupraise funds to be used entirely for civic enhancements and social betterments in the community, while promising families and friends a “berry” awesome time!

By Nathasha Hindurangala


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