The Power of Perseverance

The Power of Perseverance

Each of us have inhibited an urge to flourish on being successful at some point in life. We create mind maps and algorithms in our subconscious as to how to accomplish our set goals. However, while doing so, we relentlessly fail to recall, the stumbling blocks that pave the pathway to success. When we fall short on these targets, we feel extremely battered, worthless and frustrated; allowing the thoughts of failure to barge in and splinter our self-confidence. Henceforth, we instinctively let our dreams slip right through our fingers. This is where perseverance, the knight in shining armor, comes into play, holding a banner that reads “you want a life that matters, make it matter”. 

Perseverance is a crucial component to convert a dream into reality whilst becoming successful. It simply refers to commitment at working hard, despite any odds or difficulties that may exist. Being persistent involves being tenacious on getting a task completed and not giving up. Moreover, it encloses what it is to fight until the end of something; to eventually reach fulfillment.

When experienced with burdensome situations, we often tend to be easily convinced that we are not good enough to accomplish them. We unheedingly reckon that there are other people meant to complete those goals. We scrutinize other people’s victory; nonetheless, we fail to scrutinize the strenuous work and commitment that they invest into it. We must appreciate that just as it is strenuous for us to attain our most daunting goals; it can also be as strenuous for others to do. We must persistently remind ourselves not to tumble down and place others on the pedestal. What we tend to perceive is what others permit us to perceive, so we must comprehend that the way to our ultimate destination is not as striking as it seems.

Persevering through a specific situation builds personality. It is a form of challenging yourself to comprehend how far you can go. Your power to fight through is signified. Besides, you can prove to yourself your unique potential. Once you truly do reach your goals, the sense of attainment is phenomenally empowering. Concluding an easy task makes you gratified, however when you battle through the difficulties and put in all your effort, it catapults you towards success, enabling you to encounter a feeling of contentment. 

Individuals who have an attitude of constantly persevering, simply go farther in life. For instance, the world-renowned Abraham Lincoln, encountered many hardships in life when he lost his job and failed miserably in business. However, he held onto his strong force of determination throughout those traumatizing situations and rose back stronger than ever, becoming a remarkable inspiration to the entire world. The author of Harry Potter series, J. K. Rowling, is yet another astounding example of a successful story. Her text for the first book was excluded by 12 publishers before Bloomsbury finally accepted it. She courageously told herself that she would put all her energy and effort to what mattered to her the most and she kept her word (Lavinsky, 2020). Both Abraham Lincoln and J.K. Rowling showed people that a hard worker not only can accomplish all their goals but, will also comprehend the struggles and devotion that it takes to thrive. 

Perseverance is the highway to success; therefore, people need to ensure that they observe past the hard times and keep their goals in mind. Individuals must understand that the things they yearn for will require a great amount of fighting and boundless effort. For them to complete their ambitions, they must thoroughly apprehend the significance of perseverance. After all, a river pierces through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence. 

By Nathasha Hindurangala


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