Transforming a Person through Sports

Transforming a Person through Sports

Sport has the power to encourage, unite people from different backgrounds and most of all, it has the ability to create a ray of hope, when it is most needed. It is so much more than just a game. Engaging in sport can serve as a stepping stone towards transformation. 

We might think that playing sports is a waste of time and an interruption, but it is really the opposite. Many individuals have sensed the life-altering impact of organised sport. It helps an individual much more than in the physical features alone. It builds personality, develops strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and a sense of empowerment.  So, how mesmerizing would it be if the positive change encountered by one individual could be expanded to an entire community? 

The key benefit of sports is improved health and physical fitness, and the development of social and communication skills. People that engage in sports on a constant basis are burning more calories and maintaining a good calorie count than those who don't, and for that reason, they are more likely to have control on maintaining a healthy weight. Being fit, paves the way for a healthier life, by indicating that you will be less likely to die young and confront heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other conditions ("Great Benefits of Sport", 2018). These comforts are there for all, no matter what age, size or skill – and all it takes is to dive right in and try it. 

In addition to refining cardiovascular well-being and fitness, doing a sporting activity is also beneficial for the musculoskeletal system, making muscles flexible and toned, and honing the strength of bones and joints ("Great Benefits of Sport", 2018). Through frequent sport-playing, people will become sturdier and more able to lift and move hefty things, which is also always convenient, and they are less likely to become really frail as they get older because their physiques are strong. Sports also make a person feel good about their bodies, which in turn makes them happier, and lessens the threat of eating disorders and crash dieting, as people make cleverer, healthy modifications to their lifestyle.

Moreover, sport allows people to grow personally; developing their social and communication skills. Teamwork for instance, is naturally acquired through participation in group activities and it brings people of all religions, nationalities and backgrounds together to embrace harmony. When it comes to sport, it doesn’t matter what you do for an income, or what side of the tracks you grew up, whether you are playing on the ground or rooting for the players from the side-lines, everyone is equal. In that split-second, everyone is united in their passion for their love of the game and their selected team. Sport fosters the values of faithfulness, discipline, bravery and respect. Teammates become lasting friends, and you begin to wholeheartedly sacrifice for the people that share the same jersey as you. You become more self-assertive and friendly, learning things about yourself and what brings out the best of others. Communication skills can also be enhanced, as they are at the heart of any team's victory. One can learn how to successfully collaborate with others, understand and share positive emotions and work on the negative ones. 

Individuals may also improve leadership skills through sports, often finding capabilities that they never knew about. They learn how to motivate and push each other to be the best version of themselves. A lot of people's self-respect increases through sports as they find out things that they are good at, as well as it teach us how to win and lose courteously. On the whole, the fact that playing sports is worthy for us is absolutely undoubtable, because it comforts our minds and bodies, and eventually means that we will be living with lengthier, merrier lives.

By Nathasha Hindurangala

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