Virtual visits

Virtual visits

We are constantly bored and are always looking for new ways to stay entertained as well as informed. Whilst travelling around the globe is not always possible, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a little cultural education. You can peruse through a plethora of free art history archives without ever leaving your couch. Here are a few select places to help you get started and they are all free to visit. So now you can spend hours looking at your favourite painting without the fear of time running out.

Google Arts and Culture
Explore the wonders of the Taj Mahal, Look down at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower or even peak into the Sydney Opera House, all from your couch. Arts and Culture by Google contains a plethora of content on different art and cultural devices. Navigate by city, time period or even colour! Browse through different artworks or peruse through your favourite landmarks on google street view. It’s a guaranteed fun way to past time and definitely learn something.

Sistine Chapel Tour, Vatican City
The Sistine Chapel attracts millions of people from all over the world. Browse through Michelangelo’s magnificent frescos painted on the walls of the chapel. Located in the Vatican museum in Italy.

Virtual Angkor, Cambodia
The Virtual Angkor Project is a collaboration between historians and designers to create a unique 3-D experience to educate and enrich the history and heritage of this Cambodian wonder of the world. Browse through the city at different time periods as if you were standing there looking at it.  

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Who hasn’t wanted to be all alone in a Van Gogh Museum browsing through years of rich art history. Take tour of the museum in 4K! as the Museum is available to browse online through their YouTube Chanel.

The Museé du Louvre, Paris
The world’s most popular museum the Louvre in Paris, which is usually so crowded that you can never peruse through the gallery at your own pace. Let your eyes feast on the beautiful exhibits and the glorious artworks that are currently on display. 

The Broad, Los Angeles
Yayoi Kusama is renowned artist known for her mirrored installations. The L.A based museum has created a series titled infinite drone series on their YouTube channel. This series lets you view the entire installation and is paired with therapeutic and ambient music.

Tate Modern, London
Tate’s new exhibit on the famous Andy Warhol was displayed earlier in March and will be on display until September. While the exhibit is currently self isolating at Tate modern, a video that allows you to view first-hand the artwork is now available on YouTube.

Our world may seem incredibly large right now, but the internet is this beautiful place where we can always be educated and entertained no matter where we are.

By Ruqaiyah Jafferfee

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Cover Photo  : The Musee du Louvre, Paris